Why Your Body Armor May Not Be Enough

Why Your Body Armor May Not Be Enough


There are so many things that people can do to prepare themselves for TEOTWAWKI, including learning new skills like leadership, construction, agriculture or first aid, to gathering supplies for any number of situations. An often overlooked area is personal security, which is often limited to the acquisition of guns, ammunition, and some strong walls to hide behind. However, body armor is something that any prepper should consider, and there have already been several good explanations as to exactly why. However, just like any other aspect of surviving, there is always more you can do and more you can learn. This is certainly true of body armor, and there are some things that all preppers should consider now, before society collapses around us.

Firstly, while many are hopefully realising that body armor is a worthwhile investment, all preppers should consider having multiple vests for some very good reasons. Imagine, for whatever reason, civilization has dismantled and the world has reverted to a chaotic wasteland. Your preparation sets you well above most, and you survive comfortably for a long time. However, however plentiful your stocks are, and no matter how well you have developed your food production, you will likely not be the same person you are now. Even the fittest and healthiest of us would lose some weight and change shape in this situation, and this is something you need to consider. Any protective vest cannot protect you fully if it does not fit properly, and depending on how much your body changes, the vest you wear today may not fit you a year down the line, even if the world doesn’t end. It is possible, therefore, that you have multiple vests in several different sizes.

There are several other good reasons to consider having multiple vests- many recommend, particularly to those who wear the vest regularly that you own multiple vests if only to ensure you always have a clean one. Like any clothing, you cannot wear a Kevlar vest for example while it is being cleaned, and having multiple vests ensures you remain protected. Similarly, it has been recommended that you own a bullet or stab resistant vest for everyday wear, not only because you cannot know when the world will end, but also because there are plenty of threats you should be protected against already.

If we return again to the picture of the world after society ends, we will see you living comfortably thanks to your foresight. You have heeded the advice and even bought a protective vest, which you wear regularly. This turns out to be an excellent decision, because after some time those who did not have the foresight to prepare come to your door looking to take what you have. Again, your preparation and knowledge keeps them at bay, but not before a stray bullet hits you square in the chest. The body armor keeps you safe, and you barely register the hit. This is a worst case scenario, and its likelihood is the subject of much debate. One thing remains true though; once your vest takes a bullet, it is no longer fully protective, and you need another one. Just like everything else however, bullet proof vests are no longer as available as they were, and you now no longer have protection. This is why owning multiple vests is so important, as once the SHTF, you will struggle to find bullet proof vests just as you will struggle to find many other commodities.

Of course, one of the benefits of having multiple protective items is the versatility and adaptability it offers you. For example, you can have a covert vest for everyday wear, and a thicker vest for those cold nuclear winters. Similarly, if the situation arose where you found yourself travelling through particularly hostile environments, you may need additional protection. Having a tactical vest on hand, or even a ballistic helmet, would offer you the security necessary to do whatever needs to be done, all while staying comfortable and confident.

Having multiple bullet proof vests, stab resistant vests, and even helmets is nowhere near as important as making sure you have some protection. The above situations and suggestions are by no means vital, and many may feel they are not necessary. However, preparation only has subjective limits, and for some there is no end to protection. After all, the more you do to prepare, the better you will fare. Therefore, if you have the means and the motivation, then having multiple protective options should definitely be considered.

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