Ever wonder what the current threats are to your survival?  Here are the top threats to society’s destabilization.

At we track the current threats to the US society and worldwide stability.riot

Threats can come in all different shapes and sizes, here are some basics to look for:

Man-made disasters

These tend to be more easily predicted, but as 9/11 showed, most people can
be caught off guard. Real threats like terrorism, war, economic depression,
lack of food, water, and medical supplies, and riots would fall under the
“human created” category as these are caused specifically by Man without
much help from good old Mother Nature.

Natural disasters

hurricaneExtreme weather such as flooding, severe storms, hurricanes, and tornedoes, drought, and insect or
rodent infestation, or even micro-biological such as super viruses and bacterial contamination would
be considered natural. There are also other types disasters that are naturally occurring like forest
fires, earthquake, tidal wave and tsunami, and even meteor strikes.

Our appraisal of current threats is for immediate knowledge of the circumstances, although we are
not a news site, but also for study and application of survival skills. Knowing the common results
and reaction times of local governments will prepare those at risk of similar circumstances. For
instance, studying the latest health scare will show where the weak links are so we can avoid them
or replace them with regards to medicinal stockpiles, distribution center effectiveness, and the

In addition, our slant on information is only for better survival results and not to judge those who
may have been responsible for the cause or results – blame is rarely useful.