SafeGuard Armor Stealth vest review

SafeGuard Armor Stealth Vest Review

By Doc Bettger

body armorBody Armor – something to consider when planning for the worst case outcome.  And not only for you, but your whole family should be protected. But what kind of protection should you get?  And perhaps more importantly, how much protection will you get for your dollar?

To help answer these questions we are reviewing what we feel is a very good option in your body armor choices – the Stealth Black Ballistic Level 3A & Knife Edged Level 2 vest.  The Stealth vest is designed to be under the clothes if needed, so it is very comfortable to have on for hours at a time.  It is also comparatively light weight, but very powerful in giving you the protection you need.  This is a top end Kevlar Soft Armor vest.

We had a vest shipped on a Wednesday and it arrived on that same Friday, which was very quick.  It came in a handy and sturdy bag for storage.  We shot and “unboxing” video as you can see below:

stealth review

So, we are impressed with the weight of the vest. The fit was fine, and it felt comfortable enough to keep it on for a long time. We were able to move very easily with it on and it seemed to cover a very large and important area of the body.

There is a ton of information about threat levels, overt vs. covert, ballistic levels, stab and spike protection levels, sizing, materials used, and the laws surrounding body armor.  Visit the SafeGuard site for more info – click here.

We are gathering information on other bullet proof vests and will compare some basic parameters of all of them.  In addition, we hope to have some decent pricing options as well.

Please make sure to check out part 2 of the review where we will perform a field ballistic test using a variety of firearms and edged weapons.

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