Lodge Cookware Review

Survival gear review: Lodge cookware

lodge cast ironArticle by Sage Shannon
Perhaps because some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was while camping I have developed a love for cooking with cast iron. Years ago I began acquiring Lodge Cast Iron cook pots. They are durable, easily found in camping and retail stores and I like their website for recipes and instructional videos. In today’s world cast iron cooking is something of a lost art. The ease of cleaning that non-stick pan so alluring but for durability nothing beats cast iron.

Lodge cookware lasts for generations and once it is seasoned properly it is almost as easy to clean. Seasoning cast iron means that a finish builds up on the surface after applying cooking oil and heating. This process builds a film that keeps the iron from rusting and the food from sticking.
Lodge Cast Iron cookware not only has my seal of approval but it goes back to my grandmother who cooked breakfast every morning in her Lodge skillet. The surface of the pan was blackened from years of use and in it her eggs cooked perfectly and never stuck.

If you have ever taken a normal household skillet camping, after a few uses there are issues with the non-stick surface, warping or maybe the plastic handle got too close to the fire. For preppers, durability is a must. Cast iron can take just about anything you can throw at it or in it.

campingThe Camp Dutch Ovens range in size from cute one-quart size to huge 12 Quart vessels. A large Dutch Oven is an absolute must for a prepper. Yes, it is heavy but not only can you make stews, soups and chili in it for many people, with a little finesse you can make some pretty tasty biscuits too. Make sure the lid is included because baking on an open fire means putting hot coals on the lid for all-over heat.

Next on my list for the prepper would be a good-sized skillet. Pick out the largest you can manage one-handed and imagine it full of food. It’s always better to have too much pan than not enough but if you can’t lift it, go a little smaller. This is used not only to fry bacon, potatoes or eggs but put it in the oven to heat with some cooking oil and add cornbread batter and it 20 minutes you will have some of the best cornbread you have ever baked.

A reversible Grill/Griddle is next. Cooking pancakes on a fire is a little more difficult, it takes practice to not have them burned on the outside and creamy on the inside. The Grill side is great for meat and the Griddle side not only handles pancakes but grilled cheese sandwiches, English muffins and burgers.cast iron pan

A few accessories such as a lid lifter and a Dutch Oven tri-pod come in very handy. Oh, and always make sure you know where you are going to place that heavy lid before you take it off the hot pot.

I love my cast iron and one of the cool things is that it’s not one of those products that I bought and put on a shelf for hard times. I can use it every day. Other attributes include there are no chemical vapors from the non-stick surface of a pan and the iron from the pan does transfer to your food upping the nutritional level.
Now if only one of those Cast Iron Cook-Offs would come near me.

Article by: Sage Shannon.   Shannon lives on a couple of acres in Southern California with her husband, three dogs, ten hens and one happy rooster. She writes, gardens and loves to cook. A former journalist for a daily newspaper, Shannon considers prepping an highly underrated skill in today’s world.

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