Covert Level 4 Vests for Survivors

Covert Level 4 Vests for Survivors

In the case of an attack, survivalists must consider the highest levels of bodily protection for themselves. Safeguarding against any threat can be aided by using the best body armor. When deciding what armor to choose in order to safeguard against an external threat, you must consider the type of threat you want to prevent against. It is solely dependent on your needs, so you can identify the suitable protection levels best for you. An attack can happen at any time, so you must consider different body armor and the different levels of protection they can offer.

Protection levels determine how well a vest can prevent the penetration of a weapon. The protection levels for vests do alter depending upon the weapon they are designed to defend against. This means different vests provide different protection levels for different weapons. For example, a bullet proof vest may offer no protection against a stabbing and vice versa. In addition to this, do not buy a lower level vest in the hope it will perform better. You cannot substitute for protection. You must also consider the proximity to the enemy as you may need extra levels of protection. It is important to remember that no vest is completely bullet proof, but you can safeguard yourself as much as possible.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has outlined the vests different levels of protection which can be used at your discretion for deciding your protection needs. These levels can differ slightly, but never as much to change the protection level of a vest. There are different protection levels for the types of threats the vests are designed to protect against. Ballistic, edged blade and spike resistant vests are therefore tested to different levels of protection. The highest protection level you can achieve is Level IV.
Level IV is the highest form of protective body armor that you can buy and it can prevent against serious injury or death. Level IV vests tend to use ceramic, dynemma or polyethylene SAPI plates that can be added to carrier’s vests. This is at the front and rear which allows you to be protected from behind. They safeguard against an array of weapons from a 22mm to .30 Armor Piercing; more than any other type of vest. As well as this, in an event of an assault, Level IV vests can protect you from higher speed bullets as well as safeguard against rifle rounds and shrapnel.

It is accustom that the higher the protection level, the slightly thicker and heavier the vest will be. Because of this, they are less flexible. Ceramic is the heavier plate and can limit movement; dynemma is slightly lighter but also provides a high protection level, making it ideal for protection and comfort. Safeguard’s StealthPRO bullet proof vest can help provide the highest protection levels. It is a carrier that allows you to add different plates. They can provide both comfort and discretion by being able to fit under clothing. This allows you to change the levels of protection but you can achieve Level IV protection using this vest. These are ultimately hard body armor made from the best materials in safeguarding you from danger.

When faced with a very dangerous situation, your body armor’s protection level is something that must seriously be considered. Level IV protection will safeguard you with the best materials that science can offer and help keep you safe in the event of an attack.

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