A comfortable bullet proof vest?

SafeGuard Armor Presents: The StealthPRO


One of the main reasons most people avoid a covert Bullet Proof Vest is because they see it as a heavy and bulky piece of equipment that will be uncomfortable and obvious to wear. While this is certainly true of some covert vests, and traditional steel armors simply can’t be worn covertly, there are some covert vests available that are practically imperceptible. SafeGuard Armor has dedicated themselves to making their vests as comfortable as possible, and the StealthPRO Covert Bullet Proof Vest represents the ultimate in discreet, ergonomic, and breathable protection.

The StealthPRO from SafeGuard builds on their popular Stealth design to offer the high levels of protection usually found in a Tactical vest while staying breathable and comfortable to wear even for extended periods. The StealthPRO provides a high grade alternative to the Stealth as part of SafeGuard’s range of covert vests. Designed for a number of professions, from Private Security to Federal Officers, this unique vest offers a discreet and ergonomic bullet proof vest with the option of high caliber protection.

This unique covert bullet proof vest uses the discreet and breathable design of the Stealth with a 100% CoolMax lining to aid breathability and temperature-regulation. The flexible and adjustable cover draws moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. In addition to the complete front, back, and side protection of the flexible and lightweight Kevlar panels, the StealthPRO features front and back pockets to house SAPI plates.



The StealthPRO can provide protection against even armor-piercing ammunition thanks to its compatibility with rigid plates of ceramic and/or polyethylene. The SAPI plates SafeGuard provides are far thinner and lighter than ever thanks to a dedication to the research and development of materials. This means that even at high levels of protection you can stay discreet, protected, and comfortable with the StealthPRO.

The StealthPRO is available now from the link below, and comes in a range of colors, sizes, and levels of protection.


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