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Ever wonder what the current threats are to your survival?  Here are the top threats to society’s destabilization. At SurvivalStrategies.net we track the current threats to the US society and worldwide stability. Threats can come in all different shapes and sizes, here are some basics to look for: Man-made disasters These tend to be moreContinue Reading


Learn how to defend yourself and your home in a time of uncertainty and destabilization. Self defense and home defense are incredibly important as any prepper knows. Unfortunately, when “it” hits the fan (SHTF), all the normal rules for getting along with others goes out the door. It may come down to every man forContinue Reading

Survival Gear

Survival Gear – Why you need it and what is essential to have on hand The right gear is just as important, if not more so, than keeping emergency food and water on hand. Your emergency kit and stored supplies should have everything you need to survive, not just for a few days, but ongoing.Continue Reading

Get a Plan

Survival means having a plan.  In real life you don’t last long without thinking ahead. Planning for circumstances changing should be done now – here is how to do just that.  Having a plan of action is critical in emergency situations, no doubt, but how do you put one together?  What should it include?  WhereContinue Reading

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